ZEKE WHO? !^%%#$%^!

For those who know me, know I’m a lifelong Cowboys fans..  since I was about 7 – but I would divulge that year thank you : P

So, Zeke kinda pissed me off and .. if Jerry doesn’t wanna pay him GOOD! – The Pats don’t play these type of games and they are proven champs. Players respect the organization and maybe that’s the extra spark they need to “do their job”!

That said, I made a T-Shirt .. sure there are others but this is the only version to list all of Cowboys’ players who wore #21.

* NOTE: I do own a #21 Jersey – Julius Jones THANK YOU!!! 

ZEKE WHO? – Exactly!
– Son, you don’t deserve to wear a #21 or a Star!




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