My Thoughts On: The Odell Beckham Controversy!

In case you’re one of the “F the NFL” protesters and missed Mr. Odell Beckham Jr.’s latest faux pas. I’ll catch you up to speed.

A lil` video clip surfaced (most likely from the girl in the video) of him in bed with her, and a large pizza. What the big deal is, is he is tentatively high and both of them are seemingly holding different narcotic substances.

LOL .. I have to laugh that people think it’s a BIG DEAL. Like average, every day blue collar people don’t to that same shit. That popular, millionaire athlete is some how immune from the allure of SEX, DRUGS and ROCK n’ ROLL.

The later being what made me say .. HMMM about Mr. B J’s credibility.

IRON MAIDEN! REALLY? Odell, you listen to Iron Maiden? .. I dunno about that!!

So Mr. Odell I’ll be calling you out on the social networks.

Prove to us Metal Fans that you actually listen to them .. make a video singing your favorite Maiden tune.

G ~


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