BrainNet – We Are One!

The following may sound like the makings of a scary sci-fi story but it’s completely true!

Scientists have successfully linked 3 human brains together. Tethered they share thoughts and solve problems.

WOW .. I dunno about you, but I think that’s pretty wild. What’s more, the prospects of this technology is (for lack of a better word, cause I am only 1 brain today : ) infinite .. from a theoretical stand point any way.

Imagine your a kid going to school. The whole class “LINKS” together with a professors. BAM, everyone KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS exactly WTF he’s teaching .. NO EXCUSES, everybody gets an A. -or- What if the professor is just a computer. -or- We can all just LINK UP at home, literally downloading info and creating HIVES (think tanks). We think we’ve been advancing fast before, our brains and societies average intellect should explode.

As I said “makes for a pretty cool sci-fi flick” but if you wanna read about it, check out the article below, pretty neat stuff.

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