So, had an interview the other day with a seemingly well established company, for a Magento gig. I don’t personally see why so many people are obsessed with Magento cause it’s a bloated pig of a CMS, as most CMS / Frameworks are but jees, it’s just to sell shit. That said, I get what Mage does well, running multiple sites under one catalog and multi-lingual (for the most part) but I digress.

Not being shy about my opinion I started discussing tech, static site generators and how many web geeks are working to get back to a more minimalist approach to web architecture. – Which I think is frickn` awesome!

Anywhoo .. During the convo` I apparently used the term “baud” and totally stumped the kid. Sure, guess I’m an old man in a youngsters world these days but god damn it, once upon a time we had to slice up a single image to get our download speeds acceptable. Today, no one cares about true “optimization” why would we? We can stream a whole porn in half the time it use to take to just get a single “GOOD” pic to load. (BTW, that was me loading those for you, when I managed SexMags.com) – Shhh, I never told anyone. : )

Which brings me to the point of the post, we have really just become a world of Speed Junkies! From impatient end users to complacent developers. We are guilty addicts in one way or another and .. we want more, 5G can’t get here soon enough BUT, does any of it really make our liver better?

We’ll talk about that more on my next post, when I review a pretty cool movie / documentary I just watched: California Typewriter. It may have brought out my inner hipster.

Thanks for reading .. Til` next time.

G ~

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