WOOO .. I’m An Artist : P : )

Not up to speed on the newest trend in making millionaires? Well, I’m excited and have hopped on the NFT train!

Honestly it took me about a month as I didn’t want to just put anything up. Some folk have the silliest stuff up there. If you know me, I do at least try to make a statement, even if no one is listening. : P

With out further ado, here’s a link to OPEN SEA and Digital Lobotomy’s Exclusive Tormented Artist Series One. Will I ever get to making Series Two? Who knows .. but surely not if I’m out Yachting. : )

Just incase that link isn’t big enough CLICK HERE.. https://opensea.io/collection/digital-lobotomy-tormented-artists-collection

Last I have to post this video from JP if you don’t follow him he’s great.

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