I know y’all were wondering where I ran off to? – Well the answer is 12 States in 2 Weeks!!! – Yep, the fam and I embarked on an Evacuation Vacation!! : )

Sure we took some heat for leaving. especially when friends had no electricity and we sent posts about during our travels including gourmet meals, hot showers and cold a/c. Lets call it what it really was though – jealousy! Hey, I asked if they wanted to caravan with us as opposed to riding out a Cat 4 hurricane but some people are suborn. Any whoo .. back home now but it sure was a fun taking in the sites of the good ol` U S of A .. What’s more meeting some truly wonderful people.

One thing our road trip did remind me is: For all the “divisive-ness” the main stream media wants to portray our country to be in, the heart and soul over America is beating louder and prouder than ever. Turn of the TV’s, the cell phones .. drop the ego and meet people, face to face. We’re all the same and we all want the same thing.


G ~


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