Miami CBD Expo 2019

Finally something new talk about and what else could be better to post about than CBD, currently the fasting growing (pun intended : ) business in the world.

So, about the Expo ..

While I can’t speak for the VIP Party, as I just didn’t have time to get to it, the event itself was a lot of fun as well as educational.

Most of the participants were showcasing pretty much the same products. The most common being gummies, vape juice, tinctures, flower (buds) and pre-rolled joints. There were also a handful of companies making creams, lotions and pet products.

As for unique products, I can say there where only two that really stood out for me. That not to say the other stuff is bad or that one is not better than the other .. these are just products I feel were different.

1) Post Malone’s Shaboink Hemp Cigarettes
I doubt he’s the only one doing (or going to do) standard smokes, sold in packs or cartons. However, I think the packaging looks great and a lot of people will enjoying these products.

2)  Mystery Baking Company
I gotta be honest, I wish I bought more to bring home. Of course,100MG of CBD isn’t that much in comparison to tinctures and what not. However, it’s really damn good peanut butter.

All in all , it’s really exciting to see Florida finally getting on board the CBD train. Of course, it may not be the real deal but it’s a stepping stone for sure and only a matter of time until the legislature catches up with the will of the people. That said, I personally know folks now holding medical marijuana cards and visiting dispensaries within the state. I won’t add any of those links here but if you message me with questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Here’s a couple pics from the show .. thanks for reading .. G ~


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