Meet ZAZZ!

Long time no post .. yeah, typical me, I was on a roll for a while though. : )

Yep, been busy doing nothing with the rest of the COVID world. Been a pretty crazy 4 months that’s for sure. Though I suppose that’s not an excuse for not even making a blog post and a fairly important one at that.

DL INC is now defunct and this site is now officially owned by ZAZZ IT LCC. – A formality really, as I ran the original unincorporated for many years.

While the change did come quite abruptly, the thought of moving away from the original name was planted a while back. Over the years, I had countless people have no idea what a lobotomy even was. If they did, some just couldn’t grasp the concept of a Digital Lobotomy. Which at its core is what mass media does to a persons brain. All in all, it seems DL was too complex and confusing for most people to understand and the idea was to go with a more simple name. A play on the word Zazz  had been kicked around and then I was put on the spot, so .. BAM, ZAZZ IT was born.

Is Zazz really less complex than DL for folks to understand? – I hope so, LOL  .. It’s definitely easier for me to explain than DL was .. it’s my dogs name. : )

As for this site .. it’s not going anywhere yet and I’ll keep it updated as I much as I generally do .. which is pretty poorly ..  : P


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