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Like many folks over the COVID Summer, I’ve found myself goofing around quite a bit, just to keep myself semi-sane. I dusted off some old camera gear, changed the pick-ups in my Strat, learned to bake a decent cookie and of course wrote some code, a lot of code.

This particular project that I’m showing off today, materialized from me adding a couple RSS feeds to FunTravel Guides. The screenshot below is actually the 3rd version that I made of and there’s even a 4th where I added some videos feeds. One of my favorite aspects of the project is that it’s just 1 page of code, that’s it. One page of php and a few database tables, viola that’s it and I it updates itself.

If you took the time to peek at it, you may noticed that there are even some ADs that get filtered in there as well. Yep, they’re also set up in the DB. An algorithm randomly chooses what to display and all links are tracked. Super simple and very efficient. I haven’t figured out what else to do with it yet but if you have an AD you’d like me put into the system.

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