Jesus H Christ it’s CHRISTMAS 2020!

What a years it has been and I think I can speak for everyone and say “THANK GOD IT’S OVER!” – BUT, WTF does 2021 have in store for us? What gifts will old Saint Nick be bringing down the chimney for next year?

Some think ol` Joe is going to save the day, while others believe mass arrests are coming. IMO, regardless of how this election pans out, I do believe there will be some very anger people. So it’s my belief that the beginning of the year is looking pretty ugly. How violent the losing side becomes we’ll have to just wait and see. After all , all we can really do now is be blessed to living in these historical times.

Speak of historical, in cased you missed there’s a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on 12/21/20 that will be closest they have been in 800 years. Making what some have speculated is the Star of Bethlehem. Here’s a link it’s definitely interesting times.

Stay Safe and Merry Christmas!! ><>

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