Looking Back On COViD – Year One!

WOW! Can you believe how far we’ve fallen in the last year? OK, not everyone .. there have indeed been some folks how have really prospered from the situation.

What’s more important is, what you’ve learned over the last year?

Me, I’d always wanted to really dive into Laravel and 2020 brought the perfect opportunities to jump in and get coding. I’ve now knocked together 4 projects with Laravel and it has totally become my go to framework at the moment. Overall I’ve found that it to be quite flexible and it helps speed up development while being pretty darn secure at the same time.

Well that’s what I did during my summer vacation : P .. LOL but OK let’s get serious for a second.

COViD Year One has come to an end, now where do we go from here?

Honestly, I wish I knew for 100% certainty and if I did, I’d totally be posting it everywhere.

IMO this is the scariest part of 2021 so far, “We really have no idea WTF is going on”.

Hopefully, we don’t have to have 2nd COViD-Versary next year! – Until then, I’ll be here staying busy and if you have any projects you need help with, shoot me an email. : )

Thanks For Visiting!
G ~

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